What is a Soul Painting?

A soul painting is a specially commissioned artwork just for you. It’s so much more than just a decoration for your home. A soul painting reflects an individual’s essence; it captures the very best we have to offer in definite lines, shapes and colours.

‘Mere colour… can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways’

Oscar Wilde

Who are Soul Paintings suitable for?

Soul paintings can be created for an individual, a couple, family, friends or to help you maintain a connection with loved ones who have passed away.

Soul paintings can also guide people to align more fully with their soul purpose and manifest greater abundance in their life. Many of us are aware of a deep connection to an inner voice that dwells in the very heart of our being. In many ways, soul paintings help people to connect in a new way to their inner voice and inner wisdom.

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Why have people requested soul images?

People have commissioned soul paintings to:     

  • guide them along their path of self-development  
  • tap into inner guidance for personal challenges, business developments and career changes.
  • celebrate new life, unions, weddings and family connections.
  • strengthen connections and bring healing to ancestral lineage.
  • develop to deeper spiritual connection
  • connect to loved ones in spirit

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Soul Art Prints

Soul Art Limited Edition prints are available to order at various sizes and are ideal as gifts to yourself or as thoughtful gifts to the special people in your life.

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'This is not only an investment in art - it's an investment in well-being, self-love and gratitude.'

Deborah Cogley 

'I had never heard of soul art before meeting Breda, but when I heard what she does I was immediately interested. I was a bit nervous when I heard my painting was complete.

But, oh my God, when I saw the painting she created for me I was blown away. The colours are so me and the ideas and symbols that came up are so relevant to my life right now.

When I'm stressed seeing my painting on the wall gives me a sense of joy, it reminds me what's important. I can honestly say that my painting is now one of my most treasured possessions.

Thank you Breda, your gift is incredible.


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How does it Work?

Before beginning work on a soul painting, all I ask the client for, is their name and a photo of themselves, or whomever the painting is for. If you prefer, a ribbon or other small item can be used, instead of a photograph. In the case of a loss during pregnancy, the name of the mother and the baby (if there is a name chosen) and the date is all that is required. 

I begin the process by meditating upon the person, allowing the images and colours to form in my mind’s eye. I initially do a sketch with chalks to capture the various elements and colours and then as I paint, the meaning behind the images continue to emerge and evolve.

Each soul image is accompanied by a letter describing the messages and guidance that came through as the soul painting evolved.

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All soul images are created specifically for each person's request. The prices start at €375 and the prices vary according to size and specific art materials used.

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If you would like to commission a soul painting or have some questions which aren’t answered here, please send a message here or call me on 087 9438671 and we can chat about what you have in mind.

I am happy to chat to you about your requirements and discuss any questions you may have.

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