'Magic Moment', Bronze and Kilkenny Limestone, 530mm x 320mm x270mm

Whenever I’m about to start a new sculpture, picture or project, fear usually rises its ugly head and I find myself doing everything else, except what I really want to do!

My initial feelings are usually a mix of excitement, curiousity and fear.

I begin the process by sketching and playing with the materials. I try to let go of having a set plan and I just gave myself the time and space to allow what ever wants to emerge, to be free to do so!

The following quote by Erin Hanson, kept coming to mind while I was working on this sculpture.

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

An idea started to emerge about capturing that magic moment when doubt and fear lose their power and fear of failing turns into courage to follow your heart, fuelled by curiousity and faith in the unknown.

This sculpture is a recognition of the interconnection of fear and faith and the delicate balance between both, which are part of the journey of life.

Curiosity, courage and self belief are the best campanions for the journey into the unknown.

As Marianne Williamson wrote;

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”