Inspiring day at the Visual Artists of Ireland, Belfast Office, Mary Cremin and Nadja Sayej

Mary Cremin has a wealth of experience as a curator, most recently having curated the 2015 edition of TULCA in Galway and previously been Director of Green on Red Gallery, Dublin and project manager for the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. She offered her advice on how to choose the curators that suit your practice best, how to maintain that relationship and what curators and galleries expect of artists.

It was refreshing to see that environmental art was featuring more in recent gallery exhibitions. Mary gave an insight into what galleries, curators and investors are looking for from an artist and how to build relationships. The overall advice was to take risks with your work and push boundaries and be true to yourself while being professional.

In the afternoon, we were inspired and entertained by Nadja Sayej, an arts journalist based in Berlin, who is a regular writer for the Guardian, the New York Times and has interviewed hundreds of world-renowned artists including Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, James Franco, Gilbert & George and John Waters.

She’s the host of web-tv channel ArtStars and has written several books including the “ArtStars Guide to Getting Your Shit Together”. Nadja had an a fast paced style, with honest and humorous insights

Be true to yourself, life is short. Keep a sense of humour about yourself and your work.

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