Sculpture Commission Process

Initial consultation

Sculpture Commissions begin with an initial consultation with the clients, followed by a site visit to discuss the requirements, site conditions, materials, budget and timeline.

When creating a sculpture for a client, it is important to understand who the sculpture is for and their connection to the finished piece, what elements they would like to see incorporated within the sculpture, what inspires them, and what resonates with them in a sculptural context.

Site Visits

The site visit helps to gather information about various elements of the location - viewpoints, sunlight, architectural elements of surrounding buildings, the surrounding landscape and potential groundworks. A site vist helps to work out the best the scale, suitable materials and related costs.

Sculpture Concept

After the initial consultation, a proposal is presented with concept outline, sketches, scaled drawings, materials, time lines and proposed costs.

At this stage the concept is discussed with the client and feedback is taken on board and ammendments made if needed.

After the proposed sculpture is agreed upon, the sculpture is paid in installments, with the 1st stage paid before work can commence. The second stage is paid when the sculpture fabrication is complete and the final payment is due when the sculpture is delivered and installed.

Ideally the initial consultation would involve meeting with the client and a site visit.

This consultation stage and site visit are billed seperately to the fee for the creation of the sculpture. The consultation price will vary depending on travel distance to site location.


As the artist, Breda Marron will retain all copyright of the commissioned work(s) and it may not be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without permission.


Please feel free to get in touch with Breda if you have any other questions or would like to discuss your commission in more detail. All discussions are obligation free.

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